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How will I be able to check the eligibility rate while planning for a loan?

For the first step, consult our lending agents now and answer some simple questions. These are sufficient to know your eligible criteria. Contact us

What documents should I bring for application?

For all permanent Singapore residents, bring only below documents:

1. Identity card (NRIC)

2. Singpass (Ensure that your 2FA has been registered)

3. Latest Proof of Billing (For borrower do not own any property)

4. Employment proof:

(a) Salary-Employed;

i) Latest 3 Months Payslip (If do not have make sure that you have contributed last 3 months CPF and we can print out using your CPF contribution)

ii) Employment Contract (For Employment less than 6 months)

(b) Self-Employed;

i) Notice of assessment(NOA)  for latest 2 years


Note: Sing password needs to be keyed in official platform for helping us to extract your income proof, of past 12 months. Our employees will not store your password.

For all S-pass or E-pass holder(Foreigner):

1. Passport 

2. Identity Card( S pass, Work Permit or E pass)

3. Employment proof: Employment letter and latest 3 months Payslip

4. Billing proof: Tenancy Agreement , Latest Bills stating your name & residential address

How much amount can I apply?

What are the different repayment plans available?

There are various forms of installment plans available – Monthly installment, weekly or bi-weekly.

Repayment procedures

What other payment modes available?

1. Cash payment

2. UOB or POSB Fund Transfer

How fast will i be able to get my money?

Pit-Stop Credit(SG) Pte Ltd offer same day approval for all of our customers. If you apply and qualify for a loan, you will be able to receive your cash in 10 minutes.

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