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How will I be able to check the eligibility rate while planning for a loan?

For the first step, consult our lending agents now and answer some simple questions. These are enough to know your eligible criteria. Contact us

What documents should I bring for application?

For all permanent Singapore residents, bring only below documents:

1. Identity card

2.Singpass Password

3. Employment proof:

(a) Salary employed: Recent payslip or staff pass
(b) Self-employed: Assessment notice for previous 2 years

Note: Sing password needs to be keyed in official platform for helping us know more about your income rate, of past 12 months. Our employees will not store your password.

For all S-pass or E-pass holder(Foreigner):

1. Passport or identity card

2. Employment proof: Company pass, staff pass, employment letter and recent pay slips

3. E-pass and residency proof like tenancy agreement

4. Recent Bills to proof your residential address.

How much amount can I apply?

In case, your monthly salary lies within S$1,700 to S$2,499, you can apply double our monthly salary. If it is more than $2500, you can apply for 4 times the said monthly salary.

What are the different repayment plans available?

There are various forms of installment plans available – Monthly installment, weekly or bi-weekly.

Repayment procedures

What other payment modes available?

1. Cash payment

2. UOB or POSB Fund Transfer

For any early redemption, do I need to pay any extra fees?

You are free from paying any form of additional fee, and also any interest rebate, for early repayment. The more fast you can opt for early repayment, the better interest amount you are about to save.

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